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Bathroom is one of the rooms that we use most frequently. Our morning or evening bathroom routine has to take place in comfortable conditions, ensured by proper appliances. Freestanding bathtub from our offer will meet the expectations of the most demanding users. It will make more pleasant every bath, regardless of whether you like short or long relax in the bathtub. Organic shapes of our freestanding bathtubs will fit perfectly both minimalistic and lifestyle designs. This unique and timeless collection has been created by our designers with passion and attention to every detail.

For traditional and modern bathrooms

Highest quality acrylic that is used to make our products is pleasant to the touch; it heats fast and allows to maintain the water temperature for a long time. Therefore you can take a bath and relax in comfortable conditions. A unique freestanding bathtub from our offer will make your bathroom beautiful and easy to arrange in any style.

Perfect for long relaxation

Our bathtubs are voluminous, thus you can take long baths, enjoying comfortable conditions. Ergonomic shape of freestanding bathtubs from our collection ensures a pleasant and comfortable bath.

Polimat products will make that your bathroom will have exquisite appearance. If you want to provide to it exceptional character, choose a freestanding bathtub, which blends perfectly in any space, regardless of the color of tiles and general style of the room.