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  1. Acrylgehäuse für quadratische Duschtasse KAREN
  2. Acrylgehäuse für quadratische Duschtasse NOWY STYL
  3. Acrylgehäuse für halbrunde Duschtasse NOWY STYL
  4. Acrylgehäuse für halbrunde Duschtasse PAKO
  5. Acrylgehäuse für halbrunde Duschtasse PAKO
  6. Acrylgehäuse für quadratische Duschtasse PATIO
  7. Acrylgehäuse für rechteckige Duschtasse RONI
  8. Acrylgehäuse für halbrunde Duschtasse STANDARD
  9. Acrylgehäuse für quadratische Duschtasse TENOR
  10. Acrylgehäuse für quadratische Duschtasse TENOR

We offer acrylic shower tray enclosures, which can be distinguished by highest quality workmanship and finish. We make shower tray enclosures in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Our offer includes semicircular and square shower tray enclosures. Enclosures for deep and shallow trays in different sizes. Elegant and solid shower tray enclosure will provide a modern and stylish look to the entire shower. Acrylic, which is used to make our products, is very durable, is not prone to discoloration and scratching. Durable shower tray enclosure will last for many years. This aesthetic combination along with the shower cabin will make that we will enjoy our daily routine in the bathroom. It is important for the enclosure to match perfectly the entire set. We offer sets made by our company, which will surely satisfy even the most demanding customers. Shower tray enclosure, which does not attract dirt and is easy to maintain, will make that every cleaning will be fast and comfortable.

Elegant enclosure for square shower tray

Enclosures for low and deep shower trays will make that their look will be enjoyed by all household members. Aesthetic bathroom appliances will make possible relaxation during your evening routine. We provide a wide variety of sizes and shapes of enclosures – semicircular and square, depending on the selected shower tray. When choosing shower cabin, we have to take into consideration the size of bathroom, making sure it does not occupy too much space. When we choose a corner shower tray, a semicircular enclosure will be a perfect fit. The combined parts will be leak-proof and reliable, even after many years of use. It’s worth investing in a good shower tray along with enclosure, making sure we have no problems with its functioning for years to come. Semicircular shower tray enclosure is easy to assemble and disassemble, when needed. Enclosures built by us will surely won’t let you down, and their durability and resistance provide satisfaction to household members using them.