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Small Bathtubs

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Bathroom is one of the most important rooms; therefore, we have to make it functional and usable for all household members, including the elderly and children. An entry to the bathtub should not be a problem for anyone, guarantying comfort of bathing and full safety. Bathtub for a child should not be smaller; it should heat fast and maintain the proper water temperature for a long time. These products from our offer are very durable and fulfil their role in every bathroom. We use highest quality acrylic for their production.

Bathtubs not only for children

Smaller bathtubs are offered not only for children, but also for elderly people. This product is also recommended to smaller bathrooms, in which we focus on space saving. Our bathtubs are easy to clean – standard cleaning agents designated for acrylic areas will effectively remove dirt. Cleaning agent along with a trap is added to the order.

Bath in a children’s bathtub will be comfortable, and due to its size 100x70 cm, pleasant bathing will be enjoyed by both younger and older kids.

Accessories for small bathrooms

For customers purchasing from our website, we add a trap and cleaning agent to a children’s bathtub. You are invited to take a look into our offer and select products meeting your expectations. Children’s bathtub will make that children will be able to use the bathroom freely, and in addition the room will look elegant. If you like functionality and unique design, choose products from our offer.