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Polimat offers acrylic square shower trays, shallow, deep, with a seat, made from highest quality acrylic, which is easy to clean and does not turn yellow. What’s more important, acrylic walls and bottom of the tray maintain the water temperature for some time, ensuring taking a comfortable shower. Our store offers acrylic square shower trays in the following sizes: 70 x 70 cm, 80 x 80 cm, 90 x 90 cm and 100 x 100 cm.

Square shower trays as a practical solution for the bathroom

Square shower tray is a proposal for customers preferring traditional shapes and practical solutions in interior design. We recommend square shower trays with seats. Such addition can enhance comfort and safety of bathing, particularly for the elderly.

Acrylic shower trays can be lined with panels made from acrylic or ceramic tiles. We have one more proposal for those undecided on this matter. It is a compact shower tray with integrated casing made at the factory. The price of such shower tray is about 300 zlotys, depending on the model.

Sizes of square shower trays:

brodziki kwadratowe 70x70 cmbrodziki kwadratowe 80x80 cmbrodziki kwadratowe 90x90 cmbrodziki kwadratowe 100x100 cm