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Bathroom should be above all functional. For many of us, it is a place to relax, in which we can take a comforting bath. It allows to calm sore muscles, forget about daily life problems. Choosing acrylic bathtubs from the Polimat collection, you are assured that every bath will be an enjoyable and relaxing experience. It is a one-time investment that you will surely appreciate just after the first bath.

Pleasant evening wash

The ergonomic shape of acrylic bathtubs ensures comfortable bath. Acrylic is very pleasant to the touch; it also heats fast and maintains the proper water temperature, which is particularly important during cold evenings.

The offer of Polimat includes both large acrylic bathtubs that match perfectly spacious bathrooms, and small sizes that fit small-space rooms.

Relaxing bath in comfortable conditions

Our collection features products made in Poland, in guaranteed high quality. Rectangular acrylic bathtubs can be distinguished by symmetry, perfectly straight line or elegant curve in the case of nonstandard designs. They are very voluminous, even up to 250 l – a real treat for those who enjoy plenty of space during a nice, relaxing bath. Acrylic bathtubs are very easy to clean; standard cleaning agents for acrylic surface will remove any dirt. They are added to the product along with the trap.

For elegant and unique bathrooms

Our products will make that your bathroom will become a unique place, in which every household member can relax and take a nice, relaxing bath. Bathroom space will be not only elegant, but also very functional. Thanks to ergonomic shape of acrylic bathtubs, you will be able to take a pleasant bath.

Dimensions of rectangular bathtubs:

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