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About us

Polimat is a family run business employing 65 people, who thanks to their great involvement, creativity and professionalism contribute to constant growth of the company. The origins of Polimat date back to 1991, when Mr. Roman Brejecki started manufacturing first plastic products in a small production facility. These days, Polimat is a modern, innovative and fast growing enterprise, which in production facilities occupying over 5,000 square meters is involved in manufacturing of sanitary products from acrylic using the best technologies.


Polimat is a Polish manufacturer combining 30 years of experience with running a modern business. High quality, durability and reliability of our products are features that have established our position on the market of sanitary products. From the beginning of our activity we place an emphasis on selection of highest quality raw materials, produced with the use of the best technologies, by selected partners from France, Italy, Austria and Great Britain, thus the Polimat brand has quickly become a synonym of high quality products at an affordable price.


Thanks to our fast growing export department, we consistently strive to achieve the same status at the very competitive European sanitary market. Our employees communicate every day with our partners from abroad in four foreign languages, giving as an edge in access to state-of-the-art international designs. Modern design present in simple models of new bathtubs and shower bases is the best testimony that our designers have managed to find a perfect harmony between aesthetics and functionality. Trying to meet the expectations of our customers, we also invested in expanding our machinery stock, which allows us to manufacture a broad range of new products in a wide variety of sizes. Our mission is to provide to all customers an unlimited access to the most current offer, guarantying also effective service meeting the highest standards. I do believe that Polimat products will be popular and will give you the greatest satisfaction.