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Database installer with 3D Polimat products for CAD Decor Pro, CAD Decor and CAD Kitchens (.zip):  3D Polimat products database*

*Extract the file to the selected folder (WinRar, 7zip or other program supporting ZIP archives), then double-click the installer file and follow the instructions that appear.

 Polimat 3D models in the library Archiup 

Models 3D (OBJ file):

Square shower trays Bathtubs with doors
Geos 90x90 cm AVO 140x70 cm
Goliat 80x80 cm AVO 150x75 cm
Goliat 90x90 cm AVO 160x75 cm
Vegar 90x90 cm AVO 170x75 cm
Rectangular shower trays AVO 180x80 cm
Goliat 90x80 cm VOVO 140x70 cm
Goliat 100x80 cm VOVO 150x75 cm
Goliat 100x90 cm VOVO 160x75 cm
Goliat 110x80 cm VOVO 170x75 cm
Goliat 110x90 cm VOVO 180x80 cm
Goliat 120x80 cm Rectangular bathtubs
Goliat 120x90 cm Capri 120x70 cm
Goliat 120x100 cm Capri New 140x70 cm
West 120x80 cm Classic 140x70 cm
West 120x90 cm Elegance 180x100 cm
Vegar 100x80 cm Gracja 140x70 cm
Semicircular shower trays Ines 180x80 cm
Nowy Styl 90x90 cm Long 170x80 cm
Pako 90x90x12x26,5 cm Lux 140x75 cm
Pako 90x90x24x39,5 cm Medium 160x75 cm
Pako 90x90x2x4 cm Mini 100x65 cm
Pako 90x90x5x16 cm Asymmetric bathtubs
Dora 170x110 cm
Frida 150x100 cm
Marea 150x100 cm
Marika 140x80 cm
Mega 160x105 cm
Miki 140x70 cm
Noel 140x90 cm
Selena 160x90 cm
Standard 130x85 cm
Symmetrical bathtubs
Standard 120x120 cm
Standard 140x140 cm
Freestanding bathtubs
Ida 150x75 cm
Kivi 165x75 cm
Lea 170x80 cm
Risa 160x80 cm
Risa 170x80 cm
Shila 170x85 cm
Sola 160x75 cm
Uzo 160x80 cm
Zoe 180x80 cm

All OBJ models* (.zip)

*The file should be unpacked to a selected folder (WinRar, 7zip or other program supporting ZIP archives).

 Models 3D SketchUp (.skp):

Bathtubs with doors Freestanding bathtubs
AVO 140x70 cm ABI 180x80 cm
AVO 150x75 cm AMONA NEW 150x75 cm
AVO 160x75 cm IDA 150x75 cm
AVO 170x75 cm KIVI 165x75 cm
AVO 180x80 cm LEA 170x80 cm
VOVO 140x70 cm RISA 160x80 cm
VOVO 150x75 cm RISA 170x80 cm
VOVO 160x75 cm SOLA 160x75 cm
VOVO 170x75 cm SHILA 170x85 cm
VOVO 180x80 cm UZO 160x80 cm
ZOE 180x80 cm

All SKP models* (.zip)

*The file should be unpacked to a selected folder (WinRar, 7zip or other program supporting ZIP archives).